GIFTED started out as a positive notion that quickly became one of our most important projects to date. 

Every day there is someone going through some sort of struggle, whether it's a loved one, someone you know personally or even strangers that are only faces - anyone and everyone goes through it. We at TIER ONE believe a gift can be a simple yet powerful gesture that could change someone's day, thoughts, or emotions. It shows that person that someone else is thinking about them and genuinely cares. The idea behind being charitable and giving as well as knowing the positive effect that receiving a gift can have on someone are beliefs that inspire us.

It's no secret that every business wants to be successful and that's no different with our company. Success is the ultimate goal, but one of our driving forces is being able to create projects like GIFTED. It is our way of giving back to the community and advocating positive change.

In this day in age and especially with the negativity that tends to be glorified on social media, we are fully aware that there will be those who won't believe in GIFTED and will be extra critical of this project. Those are some of the reasons why TIER ONE has to succeed. The more success we achieve means the more charitable we can become. WE WILL NEVER SOLICIT DONATIONS. GIFTED is powered by the revenues generated by our company; it was solely our choice to bring this project to light.

If you have a recipient in mind that you feel would benefit from our GIFTED project, we can be reached through our Contact Us page HERE or through e-mail at: When contacting us please use the term "GIFTED" within the title or message itself so we know that it pertains to this project.       

Recipients of GIFTED will recieve a very special care package from us with goods that will be fully customized to their needs. The value of the contents can range from $25-????

Thank you for taking precious moments of your time to read this. We will always strive to do our best.