The Greatest Of All Time... Michael Jordan's last 3 mins. as a Chicago Bull

Watching this video legit brings me chills... It's crazy to think that this was the last meaningful game of Michael Jordan's career. This was far from his best performance, but as you can see in the clip, MJ's will to win was unmatched. He shot terrible, but he also dropped 45 and when it was all said and done, THEY WON(check the boxscore below, MJ carried straight up! LOL). Throughout Jordan's career he won 6 titles, this was his last one. If you've never seen this video then I won't spoil it for you... Just press play, witness greatness and enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, this is the very first post of Tier One's NBA Blog... And what better way to get it started then dropping a gem like this? Hopefully our perspective gives you a refreshing outlook on all things NBA. You might not necessarily agree with everything we post, but we promise to always keep it real with you. BALL IS LIFE! 

Game 6 - Chicago Bulls Box Score (Full Roster)




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