OKC needs to move Paul George now!

The honeymoon period is over. This is literally an experiment gone bad. Even before being acquired by OKC, Paul George made it quite clear that he wanted to play for the Lakers. Well ladies and gentleman, Paul George has mentally checked out and has pretty much left the building. I'm not saying he's making bad plays or anything, what I'm saying is, it looks like he just doesn't care and mentally he's elsewhere. I don't just skim through this NBA stuff either, I've watched every single televised Thunder game this season and it legit looks like he's just going through the motions. He doesn't want to be there, we all know this. Both sides need to part ways ASAP. It hasn't worked and it will not work. I'm not sure what the Thunder can actually get it return, but it's always better to try and get something then nothing at all. We'll see how long Sam Presti sits with his head in his ass. It's really not fair to us NBA fans though, that night in and night out, the Thunder keep putting out inferior product. They have too much talent on that roster. Like I said, we keep it all the way real with you on The NBA Blog. My take on this situation is, if OKC doesn't make this move they will NOT make the playoffs or barely make the 8th seed then proceed to get slapped by the Rockets. Either way, Paul George is walking at the end of the season. One foot is already out the door, make the move Presti!     

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