Featured Rookie: Donovan Mitchell

In case you're unaware, there's a rookie shooting guard on the Utah Jazz that's putting in some serious work right now. This player goes by the name of Donovan Mitchell. Drafted 13th overall in the first round by the Denver Nuggets, then being traded shortly after to the Utah Jazz speaks volumes about whether or not he truly passed the "eye test". So if you don't know who he is yet, I don't blame you, the NBA slept, everyone slept... Let's be real here though, if you're traded even before playing your first game, then you're being slept on... To be perfectly honest, if you were to see Donovan outside of a basketball atmosphere, he could pass for a regular person, an "average joe" straight up. At 6' 2" he would seem a little undersized for the shooting guard spot but after watching him a handful of games and upon further review, I can say this with great confidence, Donovan Mitchell is the real deal. For starters, he's ambidextrous, which is a must for undersized shooting guards, he's extremely relentless getting to the rack and can use either hand with ease. He has a 7' wingspan and is pretty bouncy so given the right opportunity, he will throw it down on you. Donovan is also deceptively quick, on court he doesn't look that fast but he will blow by you every single time... And even though I believe his jump shot and accuracy is still improving, he can hit the three ball pretty consistently. He's one of the shiftiest players I've seen in a minute. The eurostep, the stepback jumpers, the slick off arm push off to make space... Yeah, he does all of that.    

Above is a video of DM dropping 41 on the Pelicans, what's even more impressive is, he was able to squeeze a comeback victory out of this epic performance. The future is bright for Donovan Mitchell, hopefully he keeps putting in the work until he becomes a household name. I'm doing my part to create awareness, that's why I've decided to make him our very first FEATURED ROOKIE on the NBA Blog. 


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