Early Prediction: Western Conference Champions

As a Warriors fan, I know I'm gonna catch some serious flack for this but because the way they are absolutely steam rolling right now, it's very difficult for me to not pick this team. At this very moment since I have to pick, I'm going with the HOUSTON ROCKETS to win the West. The way the Rockets are playing right now reminds me of how the Warriors played throughout the 2014-2015 season. The season in which Steph and co. won their first title. The Houston Rockets are out for blood, they are playing like they are on a mission. They are an offensive juggernaut and it's almost impossible to match their intensity. They run the transition better then anyone else, they space the floor and shoot the 3 ball more consistently then anyone else and if that wasn't enough, James Harden and Chris Paul will pick and roll you to death.

Like my Eastern Conference prediction I won't get into numbers, this prediction is simply based on me watching the Rockets every single time they've been televised this season. Including the game against the Spurs where they just toyed with them and lead by 20+ all throughout. This team is scary good and we'll just have to let it play out and see if anyone can actually stop them. Currently the Rockets are #1 in the west and are on a 13-game winning streak. 

EARLY PREDICTION: The Houston Rockets win the West. 

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