Early Prediction: Eastern Conference Champions

The Celtics made some noise early on with the 16 game winning streak they posted, but as this thing plays out it's starting to become more evident that the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS once again will be the team to beat in the East. It's pretty ridiculous that even when expectations of LeBron are already so high he continues to excel and still gets better. At 33 years of age, Lebron James could arguably be playing the best basketball of his career. Without getting into statistics or even analytics, all you really have to do is watch the Cavs play and you'll see that the team as a whole is pretty much clicking on all cylinders. I'm actually excited to see how the addition of Isaiah Thomas will change the dynamic of this team. He's set to return in early Jan. so as good as they've already been, they might actually get better.

As competitive as the Eastern Conference is this year, barring injuries or any other setbacks, the Cleveland Cavaliers will once again be playing for an NBA Title. This is my prediction, I know it's not a bold one but as someone who follows the NBA religiously, it would be silly to go against the grain here.

EARLY PREDICTION:  The Cleveland Cavaliers win the East.

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